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Two-step disinfection

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There is significant evidence to suggest that sufficient environmental decontamination is frequently lacking with less than 50% of hospital room surfaces being adequately cleaned and disinfected. Studies have proven that pathogens such as C-difficile and MRSA can survive on surfaces for many months.



GAMA Healthcare have partnered with UVDI, a trusted leader in ultraviolet disinfection to launch The Clinell UV-360 Room Sanitiser. The ultraviolet device, which is used to disinfect rooms, is currently used in over 100 hospitals in the USA.




Clinell and UVDI have developed a comprehensive two-step bundled approach to environmental cleaning and disinfection. Simply follow your regular cleaning and disinfection procedures with Clinell wipes and then supplement this with a dose of UV-C radiation to ensure complete decontamination. This provides a further layer of assurance by treating high-touch surfaces and other areas that may be difficult to clean thoroughly such as walls, light fixtures, windows and floors.




The Clinell UV-360 Room Sanitiser uses UV-C radiation to kill 99.99% of bacteria including C. difficile spores and MRSA. UV-C radiation is emitted by the sun and is normally stopped by the Earth’s ozone layer. It kills pathogens by destroying the DNA component via the absorption of short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation. This deactivates the pathogens and renders them non-pathogenic.




The Clinell UV-360 Room Sanitiser uses four 1.6m maximum output polymer-encapsulated UV lamps which are said to be seven times more powerful than competing lamps. The aluminium reflector mast has been designed for optimum UV-C energy distribution.




The device has undergone extensive testing to ensure toughness and durability and is easy to move around, weighing only 40kg. The intuitive touch screen makes set up and operation easy, quick and efficient. The entire disinfection process is said to only add minutes to terminal clean protocol as rooms do not need to be sealed and theycan be used immediately after the machine has been used.



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