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Sustainable technology – the key to cleaner hospitals

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An online poll run by Jigsaw cleaning Solutions has revealed that the majority of respondents believe sustainable technology is the key to cleaner hospitals.

Industry news portal, cleanleanhealthcare.org, posed the question to readers: How important is sustainable technology which offers benefits such as water reduction?

Over three-quarters (78 per cent) of the respondents that took part in the poll voted sustainable technology as being ‘very important‘, with only nine per cent stating it as ‘not important‘. The remaining 13 per cent answered that they ‘don’t think it matters‘.

Brian Boll

Brian Boll, operations director at Jigsaw Cleaning Systems, said:

“New, sustainable technology really is the key to continuing to drive innovation in the healthcare cleaning sector.

“Hospitals are demanding better results and greener technology every year and it’s only through innovation that the industry can hope to keep up.

“The results speak for themselves. We are consistently told by customers that they are seeing better results hand-in-hand with benefits including water reduction.”


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